Sheep high up above Coleman Valley Road in Sonoma County | Photography by Micah Harvey

Day Trippin’ on Coleman Valley Road

This week, I decided to take a random Monday off of work and just have a little “me time.” It just so happened to be a stunning, warm winter day and I knew I wanted to get outside but wasn’t sure what I should do with my new-found time.

So I Google search “best places to visit in Sonoma County.” After rifling through some obvious candidates I came across a recommendation that I had never heard of before: Coleman Valley Rd. The description promised incredible views of Sonoma County on one side and the Pacific Ocean on the other. And man, did it deliver.

The drive was incredible. After passing through Sebastopol and the charming town of Occidental, you’re surrounded by redwood trees and sweeping valleys that overlook Sonoma County’s beautiful valley. A few winding turns later and you’re hit with the most impressive views of Salmon Creek and Jenner beaches.

The drive took me over and hour to get to the coast simply because I couldn’t stop getting out of the car to take photos. If you ever want to experience a private and lovely trip to the coast, take Coleman Valley Road — you won’t regret it. Just be sure to bring your camera and maybe a picnic basket.

Coleman Valley Road Sonoma County

Driving Coleman Valley Road in Sonoma County

Salmon Creek Waves in Sonoma County

A windy day at Salmon Creek beach - Photo by Micah Harvey